Brief Coaching Basic

Growbp & Solutionsurfers are pleased to introduce in Italy the Brief Coaching – oriented solution (Solution-Focused Brief Coaching) – a revolutionary new method to facilitate change.

Finally arrives in Italy the training course at the Brief Coaching “PURE” by Solutionsurfers in intensive version.

  • The course is built to teach the method “solution-oriented” teaching with a “solution-oriented”.
  • The training modules that make up the course have been refined over 10 years of supply in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, England, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and United States of America.
  • Learn how to provide greater value to your customers in less time!
  • Open new market niches making your services accessible to a greater number of customers!


Built on individual characteristics, the training of Brief Coaching will teach you how to apply a protocol of coaching conversation very counter-intuitive but very effective. This will allow you to get with customers the same results using a more traditional model, but in only two, maximum three sessions. A clear selling point in a market reality where not all customers are willing to invest in a coaching course made​up of many sessions (typically six or more).


  • People wishing to become professional coaches. 
  • Persons wishing to be effective in personal and professional relationships.



  • 72 hours ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

  • The aim of the course is to take you to full mastery of the  Brief coaching Protocol “solution-oriented” as quickly as possible and in a  consistent manner – in the sense that the methodology in the classroom reflects the contents of the protocol coaching “solution-oriented” mirror image, both in the conduct that in the basic assumptions.



The program is divided into 2 modules of 4 days each.

Between a module and the other are provided 2 conference calls in which will assist a real short coaching sessions.

pdf Brief Coaching Basic (Italian)