Casehistory / Leadership


Tell me about your case accompanying coaching in relation to your being a leader? How coaching has contributed to your being a leader?

The decisive contribution was to allow me to mature my leadership in a rather short time and at a key moment in my career. Gave me just take a step forward, in fact, a quantum leap. My being a leader was the product of a way of life and professional experiences, coaching was a “smart mirror” that has allowed me to become aware of certain issues and manage them in a conscious way, from a very intuitive leadership, sometimes impulsive, to a conscious and effective leadership.

What have you faced along the way? How did you live it?
I lived as an adventure, or rather I initially started the journey without knowing when and what would happen and how I would be released. It ‘was necessary to be ready to get “naked” and questioned. But first of all you must have the courage and the will, and be ready to accept change focus on themselves, and maybe even recognize aspects to be let go to make room for another. This implies, therefore, throw in some difficult passage psychologically and emotionally, moments of doubt and remorse, but it’s worth it.

What were the challenges that you had fixed with your company?
The challenge was to gain an authoritative leadership letting go of the authoritarian leadership, maintaining a high level and quality of my energy. Acquire a ”sustainable” leadership.

How could you measure your goals of being a leader?
Through the eyes and the consent of the other. Relationships were immediately resolved and difficult things have become natural, smooth, effective.

What concrete benefit did you get in?
A true revival of my career that opened unexpected perspectives, and a great personal wellbeing.

What other personal benefits did you get (if you get them )?
The change of focus and perspective, as hard, gave me also to go back to being myself. Stress and vicissitudes of life and career leading sometimes to lose the thread of the soul that we were young, leading us to build defense mechanisms are not necessarily inherent in our original nature, but in the end you threaten us distort our true character. Analyze, observe this aspect and “clean it” also allowed me to rediscover myself and consequently find myself even better with others, especially within the family. In fact, the best benefits were manifested perhaps on the personal side.

What of coaching has been successful for your leadership development?
Rationalize, recognize and manage emotions allowed me to have relationships and to identify the most effective actions, constructive and successful in my self-respect.

How long was your path?
18 months … during which I dealt with a personal process of self-reflection, development and misalignment.

What did you like most about your coach? What made you make the switch?
Empathy and trust were decisive elements to make the switch and to have confidence in assisting in unknown terrain.

What advice would you give to those you read about your coaching experience?
Coaching should be wanted and based on alchemy with the right coach. Empathy and trust are not “bargain”, but they are fundamental. You should therefore verify a certain alchemy and affinity.



Before meeting this directly coachee I spoke with several members of the company in which Pierre plays its role. Each of them had introduced me Pierre as a person “outstanding” exceptional, with an energy overwhelming, extraordinary results that led to the company. A person to grow even more in the current role that place (which was already very high!).
The reason why they had requested a path of executive coaching was that the person is so outstanding that often embarassed other national and international colleagues. His manner was so innovative that appeared overwhelming and immediate, disruptive and this created discomfort in people.
In essence, the leadership was calibrated so that it would be effective in achieving the objectives in both relational methods. The experience I had with Pierre was intense, challenging and exciting. The strength of will, courage and humility that the coachee has put into the game was the key to winning his path. The coachee has coached the aptitude to be a leader of himself in the first place and has put in place measures and the rules of relational wedership coming to get full results with a shared leadership. His results were so striking that has now reached a very high institutional function.  Congratulations Pierre!