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Claudia CrescenziClaudia Crescenzi has over 20 years experience in corporate organization, leadership development and human resources with professional development. 

She has worked as a consultant on projects of corporate restructuring, corporate communications and the development of new services and business.

She has worked as part of a team during the transformation of an international Merchant Bank from the public to private sector specializing in change management.

She is President of ICF Italy for 2015.

In 2013 she became MCC, Master Certified Coach by ICF and President Elect 2014 of ICF Italy.

In 2013 she publishes “Let it flow” the English ebook version of her book. She patecipates to the project “Coach in piazza” and to an ICF event in collaboration with Milanin as executive coach.

In 2012 she published a book, Segui il Flusso. She was speaker at Coaching Network weekend by ICF with “Mentoring and Supervison”.

In 2010 participated as a speaker at the National Conference organized by the ICF Italy with “The Transformational Coaching in Generational and Hierarchical Change.”

In 2007 she won the Italian prize Aldo Fabris 2007 for the enterprise sector with the project “Change and Diversity Management.” She was listed among the Great Women of the 21st Century by ABI USA.

In 2006 she participated as a speaker to the convention organized by the European Commission in Cyprus on Diversity Management. She was for two terms (2004/2007) Member of the Board of Directors of the ICF Italy – Italian chapter of the global ICF.

In 2005 she founded Growbp srl.

Currently involved in Integrated Projects (Consulting, Training and Coaching) Change Management, Diversity Management, Leadership Development, Team Management, Motivation and Self-Esteem, Executive Team Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision. 

She is author of numerous articles related to Career Coaching.

She is Executive and Personal Coach of Managing Directors, Directors, Managers of national and international business realities.

She is trainer for the training of professional coaches internationally recognized (Emotional Intelligence, Transformational Coaching, Grow Model).

She makes teaching and development collaborations with companies that organize projects for the European Union on Diversity Management.

Acts as a speaker at European tables.

She designs and teaches courses in management training also using European funding.

Executive Coaching:

Each has its own unique value.

Each can achieve excellent results.

Everyone is responsible for their own lives.

Claudia works with its partners / coachee with the goal of helping each person in the strengthening of their skills and personal and professional self-esteem.

As a coach accompanies their partner / coachee on their way supporting the achievement of objectives in respect of the potential and peculiarities specific and unique to the customer.

Claudia believes that if each sees himself with a different focus, constructive and pleasant will interact and relate to others in a way that respects the particularities of each.

Training and education

  • Degree in Political Science.
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management, SDA Bocconi, Milan.
  • Organizational Efficiency, SDA Bocconi, Milan.
  • Analysis and Business Administration, SDA Bocconi, Milan.
  • Change and the impact on managers, THESIS, Milan
  • Professional Coach, FUTURE Austria / Italy.
  • Team Coaching, LifeCoachLab, Rome.
  • Shadow Coaching, SOSC.
  • Brief Coaching, SOLUTIONSURFER.

Results obtained as a coach:

  • Managing Director of an IT services company;
  • 100% increase in gross sales;
  • CEO of an Italian service roads company;
  • elimination of internal conflicts during the growth of the company and its network (branches from 10 to 40);
  • team of executives of a company of FMCG. Strengthening its leadership in the management team during the process of strategic change business;
  • improvement of  the cohesion of team and cross-functional collaboration;
  • manage and resolution of conflicts;
  • accompanying the top management of a European society of services in the transition from conflict to collaboration competitive;
  • improvement of leadership;
  • achieving the first place with respect to European branch with increase of the results of the upper 30% of the target attributed;
  • Manager of Finance and Control of an international IT;
  • strengthening of emotional intelligence and leadership;
  • improvement of the quality of the team;
  • creation of new international business;
  • increased productivity with the team by 20%.

Professional association:

International Coach Federation MCC Master Certified Coach.

Comunità pratica di Coaching


She is a member of Comunità pratica di Coaching