Growbp specializes in coaching, consulting, education and training, for professionals and companies both national and international proposing the adoption of its method of optimizing human resources to maximize productivity.

A “liquid” organization.

A liquid, while maintaining its own specificity, its “essence”, conforms to the shape of its container. In the same way, Growbp adapts itself to the needs of the market it addresses.

Working for continuous improvement of their professional skills and maintaining the flexibility required by the market.

Formal training is also available to individuals and companies for organizational development and increasing the potential of human resources in performance settings and achievement of goals through the internal school.


  • Vitality
  • Freshness
  • Transparency
  • Fluency


A pool of professional coaches, members of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the international institution that regulates coaching as a profession – and ICF Italy.

Experts in coaching, business consulting, business administration, communication, marketing (strategic and operational) and training.

Professionals that have developed management experience in large organizations, before moving to the world of business consultancy.


Key areas of focus are personal development, training of professional coaches, accompanying individuals through phases of change, personal and professional career coaching, leadership development, empowerment, change management and generation handover in private companies.


  • Integrated use of learning
  • Debriefing
  • Feedback
  • Study of case histories

People, through exploratory, reflective and cognitive phases, learn and metabolize concepts, tools and methods.
Working at different levels of depth to create and strengthen self-confidence within individuals using:

  • organizational coaching;
  • emotional Intelligence;
  • transformational coaching.

The effectiveness of GROWBP’s method is clearly stated by the level of satisfaction expressed by customers. Results are tangible and measurable.

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