Brief Coaching Specialty

This Brief coaching course is for experienced coaches and offers a full immersion in the method-oriented solution (solution-focus).

The course is based on the advanced course Solutionsurfers, the school of coaching leaders in Switzerland and among the top in the world with regard to the training coaching solution-oriented.


During this period, find customers that have a budget for 6, 8 or more coaching sessions is extremely difficult. As a coach, wanting to offer the best service to the customer, you would like to shorten the time.

The method-oriented solution (Solution-focus) stands out for its simplicity and speed in achieving results (from one to three sessions).


  • professional coaches who want to acquire specific skills in this methodology.



  • learning a coaching really new and different that can revolutionize the practice, giving participants the opportunity to integrate the method after learning experiencing in person, in their coaching style;
  • coaching tools particularly effective at both ends of the practice: customers particularly bright, capable and motivated on the one hand, and the customers who have been “commanded” coaching, on the other.
  • acquire 21 credits CCEU.


Course of specialist level, is designed and managed by Senior Coach. It is based on an integrated approach of learning, study of case studies and experiential. The course includes the active involvement of participants in the trial of the topics and application of the tools identified.

pdf Brief Coaching (Italian)


  • coaching school founded by Peter Szabo, who, with Insoo Kim Berg, introduced the method in the solution-oriented coaching, importing it from the therapeutic field.

  • Its faculty are active in forming the brief solution-oriented coaching for fifteen years, constantly refining programs and teaching methods.

  • Solultionsurfers is active in Switzerland (with courses in English, French and German), Austria, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, United States, Australia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and now also in Italy


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