Diversity Management


The context in which we live is one of a growing market and supply diversification (processes of globalization and concentration) and new ways of working in / between businesses (for processes, acquisitions, outsourcing, etc.).

Obtaining a strong performance from a team is complex, regarding:

  • the diversity of individuals in cultural and social terms;
  • the relativity of groups: teams form and reform continuously;
  • short time within which to obtain results;
  • the logistics of the members of the groups.

To face the issue of diversity within a group requires new models of management by companies and new skills by individuals.


  • Managers and entrepreneurs.

  • Team leaders.


  • Understanding the identity between individuals and environment.
  • Analysis of cultural differences (verbal and nonverbal).
  • Analysis of different values ​(ideologies, values ​dominant cultural anthropologies).
  • Diversity management: the importance of the diversity of each individual.

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