Why participate

Developing one’s own potential is crucial to successfully achieve objectives in both professional and personal life. Being a manager is a very challenging task. Being a successful manager is a goal to strive for in order to respect the company’s productivity and development of the job potential of its employees. Having an ability in planning, decision-making and execution necessarily imply the ability to be able to handle it and to focus it.

Target audience

  • Business owners and managers.
  • Team leader.
  • Human resources managers.
  • Professionals who choose to invest in their self development.

Acquired skills

  • Empowerment
  • Diversity management: the importance of the diversity of each individual.
  • Customer focus to a maximum enrichment and satisfaction.
  • Creativity, how to express themselves.
  • Communication techniques and models.
  • Motivation and Coaching.

Course format

Specialist level course designed and managed by Executive Coach. It is based on an integrated approach to learning, study of case studies and experiential. The course includes the active involvement of participants in the trial of the topics and application of the tools identified.

pdfEmpowerment (Italian)

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