What is coaching?

Coaching is training: training aimed at strengthening the unexpressed and / or hidden resources that each individual possesses as a human being.
Strengthen the unexpressed and / or hidden resources mean – to use a sports jargon – to train the muscles that are currently not fully utilized.
To give a concrete example: if you are used to jog every day, I will have well trained the muscles of the legs and breathing, less arms.

What should I do to become a coach?

First you need to attend a school that teaches the methodology but, more importantly, you need to understand if you possess some essential requirements: always believe in the potential of people, put yourself in a condition of services of the others and have a little ego.

What are the qualities of an “excellent” coach?

A coach has a number of excellent human qualities that continues to develop over time:

  • concern for others;
  • actively listen to what was said and what is not said;
  • ability to generate changes;
  • accompany the client in the assessment of the issues in a broad perspective;
  • precede the integrity of the person to the results;
  • maintain its integrity and neutrality;
  • is aware of its borders and its own capacity;
  • is aware of the importance of being authentic.

What are the professional spendable of a coaching course?

The professional marketability of a coaching course is varied. Many people attending the course to develop / strengthen the relationship with the self and / or with other, improve their professional careers by acquiring other forms of people management, performance enhancement, time management and leadership development. This course enables students to acquire the fundamental skills of being coach, applicable in any field, personal and professional.

Why choose Growbp?

Growbp was founded as an organization, developed into a school and uses the experience to review and continuously improve its training programs using the experience gained in the field. It ‘s a reality that knows how to combine attention to the person and focus on results. Pragmatism and humanity are two aspects that work simultaneously. 

The path that we follow is dictated by the close correlation between the development of the individual and the company’s development.
The success of our organization rides through the well-being of every individual who participates. Coaching, before being a profession, is a way of seeing others and is a way of relating with each other that allows the recognition and implementation of effective behaviors to achieve that particular goal.
And finally, the symbol of infinity, our logo, it means that our spirit is infinite research designed to accompany the endless development of each individual.

What are the minimum requirements to partecipate in a course?

A phone or face to face meeting has the purpose to understand the objectives of the participant, to understand the level of awareness that they have currently, so that we can create classes of people who together have similar aims, whilst  respecting the individuality of each person. Each course while following the same program is different thanks to the diversity of the people who make up the group.

Why study with us?

Our school follows and promotes ICF ethical standards; periodically, at least every year, enriches the curriculum with content and methods, case histories to date. We believe that the practice is very important and, during the course, we experience it as if It was in a laboratory. We also offer guidance in the process of certification exams ICF.

What are the requirements for ICF certification?

ICF International provides different levels of certification based on experience in the field. For more information visit the site www.coachfederation.org