Generational change

Why partecipate

The communication between the generations has always been recognized as challenging. Comparing different “ways of seeing”, different language s​and, above all, a different use of the tools available.

Organizations today are faced with the challenge not only to efficiently manage the transition between the generations (these are enterprise-wide, or their staff) but also their coexistence.

Coaching is an important tool to achieve this communication bridge acting as a “mediator” between different ways of seeing and interpreting reality.

Target audience

  • Professional coaches who wish to investigate the issue and acquire CCEU.
  • Managers and entrepreneurs who want to tackle the problem of generational change and development of its staff.
  • Human resources managers.

Acquired skills

  • Recognizing and appreciating the characteristic styles and attitudes of the various generations.
  • Using the “tools” typical of coaching to facilitate the process of communication between the generations in the company.
  • Recognize and act on the real problems and conflicts of inter-generational character.

Course format

Specialist level course recognized by the ICF, designed and managed by Senior Coach, provides for the active involvement of participants in the trial of the issues and the application of the tools identified.

pdfGenerational change (Italian)

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