Mattia Rossi

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He approached coaching in 2008. In Growbp, he’s the school director and a coach for managers and professionals, focusing on relational and organizational skills, as well as on the development of leadership, vision and strategy.

A few years after being certified as a DoLquest® Expert (personality questionnaire specifically created in 1990s for supporting coaching programs), he became a DoLquest® Associate Professor on an international basis.
Moreover, he’s deepened the field of Brief Coaching and Shadow Coaching®, besides other personal coaching topics.
Previously, after 10-years experience as a journalist (tv, newspapers, press offices) during and after university, he served as the CEO of a services company for 15 years. 


Associated Certified Coach ICF

DoLquest assessment tool certification (individual e team integration).

Brief Coaching.

Collaboration with specialized magazine “CoachMag”.

Comunità pratica di Coaching


He is a member of Comunità pratica di Coaching