Personal Brand

Why participate

The ability and reputation of a person also goes through what the media say about her. Defining a personal marketing plan, knowing the best use of the tools of Web 2.0, allows you to promote business by getting in touch with your potential customers using new technologies.


  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Managers

Acquired skills

  • Increased awareness of the changes that the new technologies are bringing
  • Developing new methods of networking.
  • Using social network for promotion.
  • Applyng a personalized marketing plan to the profession.


Course of specialist level designed and managed by Senior Marketing Consultant. It is based on an integrated approach to learning, study of case studies and experiential. The course includes the active involvement of participants in the trial of the topics and application of the tools identified.

pdfPersonal Brand (Italian)



Course date: to be defined

Cost: € 480,00 + VAT