Professional Coach for Manager

Professional coach for manager

Being coach: what it means, what it implies.

Making the coach: what differences.

Having a coach approach in own professional and personal scope: what benefits and opportunities.

Making of coaching an excellence profession involves having the strength, the ability and humility to believe in potential of those are around us. Involves an act of courage in the belief that everyone has the ability to take control of their lives. 

Being part of an international network and look out to the business world, sure to be there and make a difference.

Enter the world of work with professionalism, quality and ethics.

Our style: we interact with our being and we operate on our own doing.

Our goal: to take our customers a profession with excellence. Assisting in the development and strengthening of its strengths. To achieve each goal.

Coaching, before being a profession, is a different way of relating to others.

Course Dates 30 November / 1 December 2016
  15/16 December 2016
  18/19 January 2017
  15/16 February 2017
Cost € 3750,00 + VAT
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