Coaching School

Our coaching school is available to achieve the strengthening of skills, the development of the potential and the increase of self-awareness.

Our training style is both experiential and doctrinal: a laboratory where to acquire information and knowledge, but also experience in the field and immediately realize the effectiveness of learning.

Our method is based on an integrated approach: Exhibition – Demonstration – experience.

Our strength lies in the ability to work at different levels of depth exploring both the way we do and act and our way of being.

How we act is an EFFECT of what WE ARE.

Development of managers for us is a strong point. In this stream of incessant change, it has become essential to know how to relate better arousing motivation, involvement, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness in direct collaborators and throughout the surrounding environment.

Our teachers are certified coach with business experience, able to accompany the participants in personal development and resulting operational applications.

We can integrate and adapt an entire course within a specific company.

Initial path to becoming a coach:

Path for those who are already coaches: