Simona Simionato

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profili-simona-simionatoSimona Simionato began her professional career in the tourism industry, first as product manager and then as a project manager. She was appointed Marketing and Communications Manager for a leading Italian travel group and consolidated her experience in the franchise industry.

Following various professional projects in Internet activity and her  interest in technology, following her fifteen years of experience she decided to become a professional consultant to provide a wide range of services including web marketing, social media, digital presence and digital identity, SEO and web communication.

She actively collaborates with Growbp since 2012 dealing with communications on social media. During her experience with Growbp she has become increased her awareness of coaching, leading to the diploma of professional coach.

She is always aware of new trends by updating frequently with professional training and specialization (Geo-Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Social Communication, Digital Identity). Passionate about linguistics, is fluent in Spanish and English, juggles in French and has attended several courses in languages ​​at various levels (German, Chinese, Arabic) to have a better understanding of different cultures.

Degree in Statistics and Economics at the University of Bologna with a thesis on “Survival and growth of the tourism industry.”

He obtained a Masters Degree in Tourism business, always at the University of Bologna.

In 2012 starts the course of European Professional Coach with GROWBP, and in 2013 graduated as a professional coach.

In 2013 attended Brief Coaching Specialty.