Why partecipate

Leadership is an attitude essential to guide people, act as commander at the helm of an organization, managing the processes. The value of a leader is measured on the basis of efforts to discover and to develop the potential of others. Leadership is not a science of behavior. Leadership is inspire or animate. Inspire means to convey the spirit, animate means to give life.

Target audience

  • Professionals and / or people who want to develop their own leadership.
  • Managers and entrepreneurs who want to be effective in personal and professional relationships.
  • Team leader.

Acquired Skills

  • Improve listening skills
  • Acceptance of others for what it is.
  • Handle every situation as an opportunity.
  • Say Yes to the changes.

Course format

Specialist level course designed and managed by Senior Coach. It is based on an integrated approach to learning, study of case studies and experiential. The course includes the active involvement of participants in the trial of the topics and application of the tools identified.

pdfLeadership/We-dership (Italian)

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